Navajo I: introduces students to the basic skills – listening and speaking – and to the basic structures of Navajo taught within the cultural context. Areas of study include expression, comprehension, language and culture, language functions, connections and personal applications. Emphasis is placed on:
• Listening, and speaking
• Communication skills
• Cultural activities

Navajo II: Language acquisition is a developmental process aimed at the ultimate goal of communication. Over time the student develops the ability to write and speak in a meaningful and appropriate manner. Navajo II continues the focus on the basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing as well as encourages deeper appreciation of the Navajo culture and language. Areas of study include expression, comprehension, language and culture, cultures, language functions, connections, and personal applications. Emphasis is placed on applying oral, written, communication skills to personal, academic, and cultural activities

Would you like to learn a language spoken by grandparents, parents, and tribal leaders? This class teaches students to read and write Navajo and opens doors to understand Southwestern culture:
• This class will allow students to study Navajo culture, traditions, and language.
• Successful completion of both classes will qualify students for the district and state bilingual seals.
• This class satisfies the language requirement to be eligible for the Chief Manuelito Scholarship, which is given only to eligible Navajo students who have taken a Navajo class. Students also need a .5 credit of Navajo Government (also offered at CEC) and a 3.0 GPA.

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Navajo I-II
Important Notes: 

**Dual Enrollment credit is not guaranteed. Students MUST meet the pre-recs for any specific course AND complete the registration process through the dual credit institution. CEC instructors and the CEC counselor will assist students in enrolling in the course in the first few days of class at CEC, but it is the student’s ultimate responsibility to be sure that they are registered for the course for dual credit and adhere to any deadlines for dropping or adding a class through the dual credit institution.


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Course Length: 
Full Year
Credit Information: 
Navajo I: 1.0 elective credit for Semester I Navajo II: 1.0 elective credit for Semester II
Students taking Navajo II must have a passing grade in Navajo I. Students also must be enrolled in a federally recognized tribe and have a 506 and CIB data on file with the district.
Session IB
Periods 1 and 2 3 7:30-9:50 am Tuesdays and Thursdays