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• Applied Criminalistics
• Learn science used to solve crimes
• Ballistics, Pathology, Blood Spatter and more

Forensic Science is an advanced laboratory course designed for students interested in forensic science. The philosophical, rational, and practical framework that supports a forensic investigation is presented via an integrated curriculum. This course presents the unifying principles of forensic science, discusses the foundation of forensic science in the basic sciences and mathematics, and introduces the technique of integrating these areas in the determination of the cause of death. The student studies forensic anthropology, biochemistry, chemistry, botany, entomology, and physics as well as problem-solving techniques utilized in analyzing a crime scene. Other topics include ballistics, autopsies, mass disasters, epidemiology of environmental disaster, biological weapons as well as toxicology, microbiology, and pathology. The instructor utilizes a variety of techniques (e.g., demonstration, lecture, laboratory case studies) and literacy strategies (e.g., reading, writing, speaking, research) to deliver the curriculum.

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**Students MUST remain in the class for the entire year to complete 1.0 credit of Strand C Science credit.

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Full Year
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1.0 Elective sem 1 AND 1.0 Strand C Science credit Sem 2
3.0 Cumulative GPA, successful completion of Biology and Chemistry
Session IIIA
Session 3A