Upon successful completion of this course and prior to employment you must pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) certification exam. The individual will then apply for a New Mexico Emergency Medical Technician- Basic license. This class may fulfill the graduation requirement for a Dual Credit class if UNM continues supporting this program, but it is NOT guaranteed and students must meet requirements to be eligible to apply for UNM credit by the 2nd semester of the class. Students who do not have a social security # may not be able to test for licensure.

National Registry of EMT’s website: http://www.nremt.org
New Mexico EMA Bureau Website: http://nmems.org

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Fee for UNM - EMS Academy EMT Coursework (this is a department administration fee not a UNM admissions fee). *Students may be enrolled in UNM and will receive 10 college credits EMS 113 (8 Credits – Lecture) and EMS 142 (2 Credits – Lab) applicable towards a Bachelor Degree in EMS at the University of New Mexico. New Mexico licensure is required for degree admissions.
+ $35.00

Fee for Needle Stick Insurance per semester mandated by the University of New Mexico, School of Medicine for students is all Health Sciences Programs
+ $35.00

Curriculum Development, UNM Administrative Support, Clinical Notebooks, Certificate of Completion, additional miscellaneous administrative fees from UNM
+ $114.00

(Due by end of first six-week grading period 9/21/2018)
TOTAL = $184.00

NREMT – National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians – Basic: certification exam (optional)
NM EMT – New Mexico Emergency Medical Technician – Basic: initial Licensure fees (optional)
Class uniform
(short and/or long sleeves t-shirt with CEC EMT logo)
$15.00 – short
$18.00 - long

• NREMT and NM EMT fees are listed but are not required unless student is planning on getting certified. These fees are incurred after students finish the program. Student must make arrangements with testing center at http://www.nremt.org and http://nmems.org
• Please contact CEC Administration if there are concerns or financial difficulties with paying the fees. A payment plan can be set up or assistance can be given.
• Student must be 17 years of age by January 2018

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Full Year
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Session 1 M, T, TH M 7:30-8:50 and T, TH 7:30-9:50am Full Year Semester 1: 1.0 elective credit Semester 2: 10 UNM college credits (3 APS) OR 1.5 APS elective credits
- 3.0 cumulative GPA recommended - Two years of a laboratory science with a grade of C or better - Must be 17 years of age by January 2019 - Must send a Letter of Interest to ramsey_l@aps.edu by March 15, 2019 Requirements: In addition to coursework, students will be required to complete 13 hours of clinical experience working with certified EMTs.
Session II
Periods 6 and 7 12:30-1:50pm Monday through Friday