Are you concerned that you might not know anything that engineering is all about? Do you want to learn electronics and programming while building a robot from scratch? Are you interested in a career in the field of technology or engineering?
• Work with DC and AC concepts
• Talk techno and actually understand it
• Work with Digital Electronics and Semiconductors
• Integrate many different engineering instruments for analysis
• Learn to model in a 3D environment and read the Mechanical Drawings
• Learn to fabricate an entire robot from the Mechanical Drawings, through
basic Machining and Tooling applications using Lathes and Mills
• Fabricate unique circuit boards from scratch for the robotic projects
• Design and implement various electronic devices and concepts:
Sonar, Infrared, Servos, Encoders, Microcontrollers, Wireless Cameras, Radios and more,
• Program in C using the latest Microcontroller technology
• Build 2 – 3, various, autonomous Robots from scratch
• Career mentoring opportunities are often available
• Placement may include UNM, SNL and local engineering firms
• Talk techno and actually understand it

Electronics Engineering and Robotics I introduces the fundamentals of engineering, writing C programs on a microcontroller to solve a variety of problems, and basic machining and fabrication. It is becoming more difficult to actually find a course where the student takes an idea, designs and builds for it, implements current technology and actually solves a problem. It happens in this course during every meeting. Literacy strategies are integrated throughout the curriculum. Skills and knowledge acquired in this course can be applied to the United States Department of Education’s Information Technology and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Career clusters and their respective pathways and New Mexico Communications and Information and Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing career clusters.

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A math assessment will be given at the beginning of the class.

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Course Length: 
Full Year
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1.0 elective credit per sem
Recommended: Completed Algebra I and Geometry with an A or B grade.
Session IIIB
Session 3B