Would you like to learn how to make apps that can run on a computer or your smart phone? In this class, students work extensively with the Java programming language to:
- Understand the concept of object-oriented programming and use of classes.
- Learn to use an API coding reference
- Learn to draw animated 2d graphics and interactive user interfaces using the Java FX API
- Explore 2D motion and physics by building simple motion and game engines
- Complete at least one programming project of their choice.
- Receive an introduction to the fundamental concepts used to develop all computer applications including logic structures, array methods and data types.

Introduction to Computer Science Description: This project based course introduces students to commercially used programming languages and code libraries in professional grade code editing tools. We will begin will learn fundamentals with small daily objective based assignments and gradually branch outward to large code projects chosen by the student. Programming concepts will emphasize logic structure use in branches and loops, use of classes and objects (object orientation), array methods, data types, and use of an application programming interface (API) reference document. Programming language emphasis will be on Java, Java FX and Android APIs. All software tools used in this class are free to use commercially and many are even open source to encourage students to take their skills home and into the professional world.

Course Number: 
Credits Per Semester: 
Course Length: 
Full Year
Credit Information: 
1.0 elective credit or .5 per sem.
Recommended: A in Algebra I and concurrent enrollment in Geometry, or B in Algebra I and a B in Geometry
Session II
Periods 6 and 7 12:30-1:50pm Monday through Friday