Do you want to learn how to make money? Learn entrepreneurial skills? In this class you will learn the Principals of Banking and Finance, along with contemporary issues and developments in the industry today:

• Employability skills and work ethics
• Investment strategies
• Economics
• Customer service career skills
• Financial service career techniques

Economics is a semester course with an emphasis on the allocation of scarce resources and the economic reasoning used by government agencies and by people in various economic roles. The student examines topics such as scarcity, supply and demand, market structures, the role of government, money, the role of financial institutions, and international trade. Students will earn their required APS Economics credit upon successful completion of the class.

**Students will compete for paid student internship positions that will take place the semester after FIN 1005. The numbers of student internship positions vary from year to year and are contingent on how many positions are available through our business partners.

CNM Dual Credit may be available*
FIN 1005:Financial Services Career Exploration (3 CNM credits)*
BA 2095:Cooperative Education (3 CNM credits)*

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Important Notes: 

*Dual Enrollment credit is not guaranteed. Students MUST meet the pre-recs for any specific course AND complete the registration process through the dual credit institution. All DC students must be registered in classes prior to the start of the term which the classes are scheduled. See page 5 in the book for instructions on how to enroll at CNM. Students MUST come to CEC at the start of the school year already with a CNM id#. CEC instructors and the CEC counselor will assist students in enrolling in the CNM course in the first few days of class at CEC, but it is the student’s ultimate responsibility to be sure that they are registered for the CNM course and adhere to any deadlines for dropping or adding a class through the dual credit institution.

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Full Year
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.5 Econ Credit (APS) + 3 CNM credit hours for FIN 1005= 1.5 APS credits in fall or spring semester FIN 1005 and BA 2095 will be offered both semesters Students who take FIN 1005 in the spring semester can apply for an internship for the following fall **CNM Cooperative Education and Internship is available to a select number of students depending on internship availability. Students work a minimum of 135 hours in an internship setting. (= 3 CNM credit hours)
Recommended: 2.0 cumulative GPA; 1 year of Math; English 10 with a “C”; keyboarding skills. CNM Dual Credit may be available** FIN 1010: Financial Literacy (3 CNM credits) FIN 1100: Principles of Banking (3 CNM credits) BA 2095: Cooperative Education (3 CNM credits)
Session II M/W only
Period 7 12:30-1:50pm (7th period only) co-op TBD