AP Physics C is officially authorized by the College Board in mechanics. The course also offers supplemental material, including electricity and magnetism to design and build battle bots for the final project. This course is equivalent to calculus-based Physics at the university level and serves as the foundation physics course for students majoring in the physical sciences or engineering with the following:
• Motion, force and energy
• How to use the concept of torque to judo throw your teacher
• Hands-on lab activities with Nerf guns, Hot Wheel cars, and ultra-sonic motion detectors
• Designing and building small remote-operated vehicles

AP Physics is a laboratory course that is designed as a rigorous introductory college level physics course with laboratory activities. The student examines mechanics, electricity and magnetism at a level appropriate for college majors in the physical sciences and engineering. It is recommended as a second-year physics course for the student interested in the physical science and/or engineering. The student uses calculus to formulate physical principles of electricity and magnetism to solve problems and applies inquiry to the study of matter and energy and their interaction. The student is encouraged, but is not required, to take the AP exam at the end of the school year.

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Important Notes: 

*Students MUST remain in the class for the entire year to complete 1.0 credit of Strand C Science credit.

On Line Component: In addition, students who attend AP Physics Session 1 must complete some required assignments online. If access to the Internet is an issue, students may use a CEC Labs to complete these online assignments.

Credits Per Semester: 
Course Length: 
Full Year
Credit Information: 
1.0 Elective sem 1 AND 1.0 Strand C Science credit Sem 2
Student should have taken Calculus or be taking Calculus concurrently
Session II
Periods 6 and 7 12:30-1:50pm Monday through Friday