2D/3D ANIMATION Digital Media

Would you like to learn more about computer animation, the growing industry, opportunities right here in Albuquerque?

Animation offers a variety of experiences such as:
• Modeling 3D objects and animating them using industry standard techniques and software
• Modeling, painting, rigging, and animating your own original characters
• Designing and modeling 3D sets
• Using special effects
• Additional hours outside of class are not required but are super-fun

In Digital Media Animation, you will create a fully-animated short film. Each new skill or technique will be taught to you in the context of your own project. You will create your own original or fan-art character by modeling a base character form, sculpting in details, painting color and fine detail on the surface, and rigging the character for motion. You will create your own scene and animate your character in that scene. Finally you will play movie director, as we use virtual lights and cameras to turn your scene into a short film. Many additional topics are taught on a one-on-one basis to interested students.

Skills and knowledge acquired in this course can be applied to the United States Department of Education Information Technology career cluster and its respective pathways and the New Mexico Arts and Entertainment and Communication and Information career.

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Lab fee: $10.00

Check us out at: www.cec-animation.com

Full Year: Fall 2D Animation; Spring 3D Animation

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Full Year
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2.0 Practical Arts credit or 1.0 per semester
Recommended: 2.5 cumulative GPA, art experience and basic computer knowledge
Session IIIB
Session 3B